TGV: the Basques do not want the South-West high-speed line

The Basque Country agglomeration community spoke out on Saturday in Bayonne against the rail line project to Toulouse and Dax.

elected community members voted by a large majority their opposition in principle to this project of , 3 billion euros and therefore did not no pronouncement on the contribution of 45, 8 million euros which was requested of them.

The LGV Sud-Ouest, to save an hour’s journey to Toulouse and 14 minutes to Dax, must be funded at 40% by the State, 30% by local authorities in Occitanie and Nouvelle-Aquitaine and 14% by the European Union.

The community of Basque agglomeration was the last of the 26 concerned to examine this project, relaunched in the spring by the government.

If the communities of Occitania quickly agreed to r to raise 2.2 billion euros, those of Nouvelle-Aquitaine did not succeed in bringing together all of the 1.7 billion euros requested of them in the financing plan.

“A project from another era”

In addition to the Basque Country agglomeration communities, that of Grand Dax as well as the departments of Lot -et-Garonne and Gironde refused to participate. The department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques has also contributed less than expected.

However, some communities have made known their wish to “deliberate again in January”, according to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.

In a meeting of the community council, Basque elected officials denounced a “project from another era” which “will artificialize thousands of hectares of natural and agricultural spaces” and “will not do disappear the wall of trucks “which crosses the border from and to Spain.

President Jean-René Etchegaray, mayor (UDI) of Bayonne, estimated that the LGV would return to” deport part of our population who will no longer be able to find housing “due to a rise in property prices, which are already very high.

It therefore remains for the local authorities 235, 5 million euros to find, said the coordinating prefect Etienne Guyot on Saturday.

Several refusals

“Net 2.4% of the project remains from the local authorities to find “either” 336, 4 million euros gross, which represents net, when we deduct the expected share of taxes, 235, 5 million euros “, declared Mr. Guyot, appointed Prefect coordinator of the Great South West Railway Project (GPSO) at the end of July by Prime Minister Jean Castex.

“On 20 I sent the financing plan to 336 local authorities by asking them to express their views (…). I am delighted that in less than a month 22 communities have made a financial commitment to the project “, he added, specifying that the “expected taxation must represent approximately 30% of the contributions” of the local authorities.

The 22 November, the Gironde department said no to the LGV. Among the 26 communities mentioned in Mr. Guyot’s plan, Lot-et-Garonne and the agglomeration communities of Dax and the Basque Country refused.