Technology: how China could overtake the US in ten years

For a few years now, the economic confrontation between the United States and China is no longer a mystery. On technological issues, the Trump administration was, for example, illustrated by trade restrictions affecting Huawei . The TikTok takeover project has meanwhile failed .

Very impressive breakthroughs in fields of AI and quantum computing

Anyway, Americans remain very concerned about the progress made by the Middle Empire in this area and this is precisely what emerges from a report published by the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School. The authors are very clear, they believe that China could become within a decade the world’s leading economy in fundamental technologies.

In detail, analysts note that the Communist regime is already supplanting the USA as the world’s leading manufacturer of high-tech devices: 250 millions of computers and 1.5 billion smartphones have been produced in this way in 2020 on site.

Regarding artificial intelligence, experts are also pessimistic. China is one step ahead of deep learning and has filed six times more patents than Uncle Sam. From then on, Joe Biden’s country would fall to second place from here 2025.

Same observation with regard to 5G, where China should dominate the market. The deployment is already much more advanced and the connection speeds reach 300 megabits per second against only Mbps in the United States.

In terms of quantum computing, an area where the United States had a real head start, China again seems to be catching up . Chinese scientists have also claimed real breakthroughs recently, in particular via the Sunway exascale supercomputer. Finally, the semiconductor sector, too, should not escape the Middle Kingdom, which could grab the leader’s place here 2030.