Taxes: ways to reduce inheritance tax

Published on 14 Jan. 2022 at 17: 29Updated 14 Jan 2022 to 17: 33

Will we soon pay more or less inheritance tax? This fairly divisive subject raises many questions and is of course an electoral issue . The Economic Analysis Council (CAE) has just published a note (1) entitled “Rethinking inheritance” with the subtitle, “Reforming inheritance taxation to reduce the most extreme inequalities in wealth”.

Placed with the Prime Minister, the CAE, a pluralist body made up of recognized professional economists and of various sensitivities, has for mission to enlighten, by the confrontation of the points of view and the analyzes, the choices of the government in economic matters. And according to this independent body, “the French inheritance tax system is driven by exemption systems or exemption which very significantly reduce progressivity tax for the benefit of larger transmissions. ”