Tacos: why the French love them

Are the ham and butter sandwich, the burger, the kebab something to worry about? In just a few years, French tacos have managed to become one of the most popular quick meals in France. Why is it so successful?

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It’s a meal often taken on the go, during the lunch break that many of us seem to appreciate. Very popular with young people, taco brands have multiplied in recent years. Nibbling market share on kebab sandwiches and other paninis.

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Of Mexican origin, the French version recipe has been revisited. It would even have been invented in the Lyon region. Chicken, minced steak, cordon bleu, nuggets… It is possible to combine several meats in the preparation of the tacos and all taste daring is allowed.The dish has become unavoidable until invite you into the chefs’ kitchen. In this Lyon cork, they even offer tacos with one of the local specialities, andouillette. A pancake, meat, herbs, cheese… The tacos are deliciously original and quick to make at home.

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