Système U will pay a bonus of 500 euros to 6,000 of its employees in the logistics sector

“In our logistics we have already decided, for more 6. to our employees, to pay a ‘ Macron bonus ‘ like last year, it will be 20 euros ”. Invited this Thursday on BFM Business , the boss of Système U Dominique Schelcher announced good news for the employees of the logistics sector of the group.

If the manager has made the decision to pay a special bonus, it is above all to try to keep them and make his company attractive for future hires.

“For more than 6. employees, we have already decided to pay a “Macron bonus” of 20 euros ”

💬 Dominique Schelcher, CEO of System U

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– BFM Business (@bfmbusiness ) December 16, 2021

Incentives to pay “Macron” bonuses

“It is a tight sector in terms of recruitment, especially in low sins of jobs in lack of candidates. If you don’t have a social project, you have a hard time recruiting. The stores in these areas are increasing wages “, he explained.

As a reminder, the exceptional purchasing power bonus (Pepa) is tax-exempt and without contribution up to 1. 000 euros, or 2. 000 euros in certain branches which employ so-called “second line” employees, but it is not compulsory for companies. It was introduced in 500 then renewed every year since this period.