Super Paltrinieri also in cross-country swimming: he is bronze in the 10 kilometers

TOKYO – Greg above all, even himself: after mononucleosis in June, the miraculous silver in the 800 in the tub and a fourth place in the 1500 with the crown of Rio sold (to the American Finke), here again Paltrinieri where wanted to stay. It is bronze in the 10 kilometers in the open waters of Tokyo where he was a rookie in the Olympic specialty. The Carpi sample, 26 years, touches the plate in the hot basin (water 29, 2 degrees, air 28, humidity 85%) in 1h 49 “01.

German gold Florian Wellbrock , 23 years, reigning world champion in the cross-country marathon and bronze in the 1500 in the pool, which closes in 1h 48 ’33 “7. Silver to the Hungarian Kristóf Rasovszky, who closed with a delay of 25 “3. It is the first time in the history of the Games that a blue athlete takes two medals between swimming pool (silver) and open water (bronze ) .

“I’m happy, it was the best I could do. It’s the right reward after these two months of hell “says Paltrinieri after the race.” I’m leaving here with two medals and I can be satisfied. These were not the plans, but the way things have turned out I’m happy “, explains the champion.” There has been an alternation of emotions in this championship. I did not arrive in shape, I could not wait for all this to end up putting only one stone in it. But now I can say that I am satisfied: what I could do I did “.