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| After the face and the body, Augustinus Bader launches its range of hair products.

Get to the point. This seems to be the credo of the brand founded by Professor Augustinus Bader, each product of which incorporates TFC8® technology, a patented concept that promotes cell renewal. When innovation takes precedence over marketing strategy.

Science at the heart of the beauty approach

In an ultra-competitive environment, where Market shares are most often won through cleverly orchestrated marketing campaigns, some decide to take the opposite of beauty codes. This is the case of the Augustinus Bader brand, launched in 2008 with a mono-product called “The Cream”, the stated ambition of which is to become an essential – if not the only one – in your beauty routine. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to its patented complex, better known under the name of TFC8® or “Trigger Factor Complex”, a mixture of natural amino acids, vitamins and synthetic versions of molecules naturally present in the skin, which are suppressed, promote its renewal . A proprietary technology that has its origins in scientific research conducted by Professor Augustinus Bader, MD and Director of the Department of Applied Stem Cell Biology and Cellular Technology at the University of Leipzig, Germany. “Doctor Bader consecrated 25 years of his career developing technologies to stimulate and to exploit the self-healing capacities of the human body, in particular by reactivating cells whose activity is inhibited by aging or traumatic lesions ” explains Charles Rosier, co-founder of the brand. His research finds direct application in the burns department of the Munich hospital. In 2008, the Professor develops a gel capable of stimulating “dormant” stem cells in the skin and obtains the approval of the ethics board of the hospital to test it on a patient with burns of the 2 e and 3 e degrees. The results are final. In 4 days, the medical team observed that the skin had started a process of cell renewal, which considerably limited the extent of the scars. The story could have ended there, if Professor Augustinus Bader had not crossed paths with businessman Charles Rosier. Passionate about biotech, he succeeds in convincing him, not without difficulty, to create a cosmetics brand based on his technology in order to help him finance his scientific research. A virtuous dynamic therefore, which encourages him to take the plunge.

Augustinus Bader and Charles Rosier, the co-founders of the brand (credits: Jean Picon)

“The Cream” or Intelligent care 2 years work will be necessary to adapt this gel to a skin treatment with regenerating properties with TFC8®. “Beyond the feat of adapting a very specific technology for the general public, it was necessary to take into account all the relative constraints to the beauty sector ” specifies Charles Rosier. Closely followed by “The Rich Cream”, the more hydrating version, the duo then formed the winning ticket with which Charles Rosier launched the brand on the American market. And what public is more informed than the celebrities that Los Angeles count on to fathom its novelty? In a few weeks, word of mouth started to work. Mélanie Griffith, her daughter Dakota Johnson, Courtney Cox but also the Kardashians enthusiastically validate the product of the young brand. A smart and effective communication strategy, justified, according to Charles Rosier’s admission, both by the financial constraints inherent in launching a start-up, and by the philosophy of the project, which requires the brand to finance scientific research, and not the other way around. “This wave of membership in Los Angeles was clearly an accelerator for the future. This allowed us to prove our concept, to reach the press and to reach the radars of the biggest distributors on the American market like Violet Gray ”. In just over 3.5 years, Augustinus Bader has won 64 awards in the most coveted industry rankings, including the Beauty Awards of the most influential magazines such as Vogue, Tatler, Allure or again Harper’s Bazaar. A shower of rewards which boosted the brand’s sales, rising from 7 million euros in 1536 at 24 millions in 2019. If the United States is Augustinus Bader’s main market (30%), the brand is also well established in Asia, which totals 25% of market share. Building on its success in these benchmark beauty markets, Europe is now the brand’s new playground, and in particular France and Germany, two countries in which its manufacturing plants are located.

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The Clean Beauty menu

In addition to its two best-sellers, Augustinus Bader has taken the time to develop its range with products that make sense, each time combining the best of scientific innovation and the relevance of the product. As Charles Rosier explains, “Each launch is the subject of a long reflection beforehand, to know if this novelty will make the difference. compared to what already exists on the market. If so, then he gets the green light ”. In facial treatments, “The Serum”, formulated vegan, combines TFC8® technology with vitamin C and resveratrol, to boost and optimize the Augustinus Bader skincare routine. Another advantage, its refillable and recyclable bottle marks a new step in the label’s eco-responsible approach. “Augustinus Bader is proof that we can be efficient and respectful of the environment. From the choice of ingredients to the supply chain, including glass packaging or recycled cardboard packaging, each step requires constant attention to be sure to make the best choice. ” After the face and the body, place now for the hair line made up of 5 products, the common thread of which is the stimulation and renewal of the hair. New products to be found without further delay at the brand’s flagship store at the Palais-Royal, Galeries Lafayette, and from January 2021 at la Samaritaine.

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