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Those who usually travel by plane know that the prices of air tickets vary a lot depending on the airline or the period chosen. That’s why we’ve selected the best sites to buy airline tickets to save you time and money in your search. After all, with a quick search, it is possible to find the cheapest or most cost-effective flight.

It is advisable to start this search and plan the trip at least a few months in advance. But this is not always possible, as there is always that last-minute business trip or some unforeseen family or personal situation that requires a rushed flight.

In these cases, some airline ticket finders can make life even easier by offering packages with accommodation included. For those who like to travel with miles or earn discounts, there is also no lack of options.

With this in mind, we’ve listed some of the best sites to buy airline tickets to help you when you’re in trouble or for that planned family trip. Check out some options:

1. Skyscanner is among the best sites to buy airline tickets

The Skyscanner is one of the main sites to purchase  airline tickets and is used worldwide. The platform has an app for Android and iOS and interesting features, such as a multi-destination option, for example, in addition to promotional packages.

In addition, it is possible to create alerts and receive changes in the price of tickets and segments via email. The platform also allows you to see the cheapest fares for the month you plan to travel.

Remember that the payment of airline tickets is not made on the Skyscanner platform. You are redirected to the company’s various partners, including airlines and travel agencies.

Therefore, payment terms and discounts can vary greatly from partner to partner. But don’t worry, even on the Skyscanner website, prices are displayed for you. In addition, there are a number of filters that can be applied at the time you are doing your search.

2. Find the best prices and destinations with Google Flights

The Google Flights is the Google search engine for airline tickets. With it, you can search for cheap flights on hundreds of airlines and find the best deals.

In addition to the tools offered by other search engines, Google Flights searches for airline tickets based on your interests. It also offers an interactive map with several options for destinations around the world.

Like Skycanner, Google Flights is also a redirect for partners and payment takes place outside of your airfare search platform. 

3. Find cheap flights at Submarino Viagens

Brazilian ecommerce giant Submarino also offers an airline ticket search engineSubmarino Viagens , and is also among the best sites to buy airline tickets .

The search engine also has its own application and website and offers the main features of competitors, such as price comparison, filters and packages.

One of the advantages is that it is a national company. This can greatly facilitate communication when changing a ticket, for example. 

4. Fly with your miles on MaxMilhas  

The MaxMilhas , as its name suggests, is perfect for those who want to travel with miles. In addition to the possibility of buying the air ticket with miles , it is also possible to sell miles to complement the purchase of the desired destination.

But if you don’t have miles, that’s no problem. It is possible to buy tickets normally through the website or the app and enjoy the discounts anyway.

You can also choose to search the site or download the app, available for Android and iOS.

5. Take advantage of low prices on 123 miles

The 123 miles also has a focus on buying airline tickets with miles . However, it is not necessary to have miles to take advantage of the various offers made by the platform.

The search engine has discounts of up to 50% for air travel and also offers affordable packages.

Compared to competitors, 123 miles have the most affordable values. That’s why it is among the best sites to buy airline tickets . Like the other competitors, it also offers the option to purchase through the website or through the app.

6. Buy airline tickets on KAYAK

The Kayak is not left out of this list of best sites to buy airline tickets. The platform helps you find cheap flights through price comparisons between airlines and other search engines.

If you have flexibility to travel, such as dates and boarding options, Kayak may be the ideal searcher.

In addition to showing simulated date values, the platform also gives cheaper options for dates close to the survey. The search engine also suggests airports with more affordable rates, based on the chosen destination.

Another important benefit is that those who are already a member of the site have up to 35% discount, and those who are not, simply register by entering their email on Kayak’s own website. 

7. eDreams is good choice for destinations in Europe

The eDreams offers the same features of the other competitors, but it is more focused on the destinations Europe. But if you are in a European city or with plans to travel between their countries, it’s worth taking a look at eDreams.

In addition, it is common for the website to advertise lightning promotions and special offers on its homepage.