Stronger. Together series: “My vaccination story”: “Vaccination gave me the last hug from my grandma – and the most precious moment”

Stronger. Together series: “My Vaccination story “:” Vaccination gave me the last hug from my grandma – and the most precious moment ”

Thursday, 05.08. 2021, 10: 05

The more people are vaccinated, the less the corona virus can develop spread. The decision whether to get vaccinated therefore has an impact on society as a whole – and yet it is a very personal one. In the series “My vaccination story” people tell what was decisive for them.

When the vaccination sequence was announced, it was a pleasure for me and a bit of a disappointment at the same time: My grandmother was 30 years at the top of the list of vaccinated people. I, 30 years, healthy, no risk group had to put me at the bottom. From my point of view exactly right – at this point in time I was most worried about the fragile, old lady who, despite her proud age, still lived alone, did the shopping and took care of herself.

The months of contact restrictions were annoying for me, but torture for her. As a mother of three children, grandmother of seven grandchildren, great-grandmother of five great-grandchildren and an enthusiastic bridge player, people used to come and go with her . Telephone calls and occasional visits with mask and distance – as far as they were allowed – could not make up for that.

Finally hug again So a load fell from my heart when my “Grandma” managed the second spade without any problems. My brothers and I were still very careful, with the residual risk in mind. But at Easter I was able to hug her for the first time – tested of course – without feeling uncomfortable. We spent an almost normal Sunday brunch together.

While life around her slowly picked up speed again, my grandmother’s old age was becoming more and more common. It slowly dismantled. My grandma, who was always well dressed, raced with her rollator and was always very interested in my life, became more and more fragile.

Read more personal stories from people who report what the decisive moment was for them to get vaccinated. Valuable moments after vaccination It was June and my brothers and I finally got also our vaccinations. Just in time. Because our grandmother passed away at the weekend.

The vaccinations gave us the chance to spend time together – and to say goodbye. Omi could see us without a mask and hug us. Months ago these precious moments would have been taken from us by a crisis, an invisible risk.

When I think of the many people who could not say goodbye, died without having seen her loved one again, I cannot imagine the pain that caused this situation as well.

Remember and miss Because one moment that I will carry in my heart forever is when I came to the hospital for the last time and took off my mask. My grandmother whispered to me: “Oh, you are beautiful.”

Omi, I miss you. I am sure that you are now reunited with my grandpa and look down on us all with pride.

Stronger together With the relaxation of the Corona restrictions, a spirit of optimism is spreading in Germany. The first time to see friends and family again, the first time in the beer garden, the first training with the soccer team – each of us was looking forward to a very special moment. But at the same time, many are worried about the increasing number of infections. How can we deal constructively with this uncertainty? How do we prepare better for autumn and winter than last year, how do we stay cautious and still allow joy that can give us new strength?

With the “Stronger.Together” campaign, FOCUS Online and the other BurdaForward portals are accompanying people in Germany on their way out of the crisis. We answer questions from our users and give pleasure. We appreciate the challenges of the pandemic, but also show success and find out together with experts, politicians, scientists and doers what we have learned from the pandemic and how we can create a better future together. Because we are # stronger together!

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