Strike in schools: “I am not perfect, I make mistakes”, concedes Jean-Michel Blanquer

POLEMIC – Undermined by the massive mobilization of teachers on Thursday, the Minister of National Education made his “mea culpa” this Friday.

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“I’m not perfect”. Jostled by the massive mobilization of teachers against the health protocol in schools on Thursday, the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer made his mea culpa, s ur France Info, this Friday morning. The day before, near 75.0000 teachers and other professional staff have beaten the pavement against the waltz of health protocols in their establishments, according to figures from the Ministry of the Interior. In the crowd, several “anti-Blanquer” slogans called for the resignation of the minister.

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“We are all tired of this virus and it is normal for a weariness to be expressed, assured Jean- Michel Blanquer, in office since the beginning of the five-year term. I make mistakes, and I have no problem saying that I am sorry for certain things , but it is also important not to be in logic of excessive crystallization on a person”. For the minister, “there is no ‘Blanquer problem'” . The former teacher highlights the collegial aspect of decision-making on health protocols. “This is the process that is like this, we refer to the public health council, then this gives a general protocol in the general population that we transpose” , he explains on France Info, also dismissing all “clash” with Olivier Véran. “There is discussion (…). It is normal that we have different points of view on several occasions. We always have them settled with great cordiality”, he commented.

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Thursday evening, Jean-Michel Blanquer, together with Prime Minister Jean Castex and Olivier Véran, Minister of Health and Solidarity , received the teachers’ and parents’ unions. At the end of this interview, the Minister of National Education assured that he had “understood the ins and outs of this strong mobilization”.

He thus announced the broadcast of five million FFP2 masks from next week, especially for those who work with children without masks in kindergarten. At the same time, he declared the mobilization of 6318 reinforcements, including 3877 contractual for manage the health crisis, and recalled that the local authorities, competent in the matter, can apply for the fund set up by the State to obtain “CO2 sensors”.

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