Straight speak: Trump is an enemy of democracy and his Capitol enablers…

Noah Bookbinder, Opinion contributor
Published 8:39 a.m. ET Jan. 7, 2021

We cannot simply transfer on. Punish Trump with impeachment or prison prices, and take into account expelling lawmakers who inspired an assault on democracy.

It’s time to cease mincing phrases about what President Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress have executed to this nation. With the United States Capitol breached for the primary time because the British burned it in the War of 1812, we should name this what it’s: an assault on America. And our leaders answerable for it should see fast and extreme penalties.

This isn’t, and by no means was, a dispute concerning the election, a misguided concern about voter fraud, or an insistence on extra course of. The info have at all times been clear that Trump misplaced the election, and dozens of courts have definitively rejected any assertions on the contrary.

Instead, this can be a president who was unwilling to just accept the outcomes of an election he misplaced, who’s insisting on persevering with to carry energy despite the fact that the American folks elected another person. What he’s making an attempt to do is to overthrow our democracy and set up himself as dictator. His efforts have failed at each step.

Trump instigated a violent riot

His lawsuits have been dismissed by court docket after court docket, his calls to states to reject their residents’ votes have been rejected by state after state, and his push to overturn the votes of the electoral faculty have been rejected even by his personal vp. Yet he, and his most ardent congressional supporters, continued to escalate their assault on our democracy.

Just final weekend, President Trump referred to as Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and tried to strain him to “find” additional votes with the intention to overturn the folks’s vote in that state. That blatant try to overturn a democratic election possible violated prison regulation and was as robust a foundation for impeachment as we’ve maybe ever seen.

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