Steam: Two weekend games for free 2021

Steam: Two weekend games for free 2021-!- For the weekend, Steam allows you to try out two games for free and sometimes even keep them.

If you want to spend the upcoming weekend with new PC games, you will find a great opportunity on Steam. In addition to a game, which can be tried without obligation, there is also a gift waiting, which may permanently wander into your own collection. The first game is the online co-op title “Warhammer: Vermintide 2”. As part of the Free Weekend on Steam, the game released in 2018 can be tried out until April 25 absolutely without obligation and in full. The game mixes the dark Warhammer universe with gameplay like in “Left 4 Dead”. Instead of zombies, the up to four games get in the way of mean rat people. Those interested in” Warhammer: Vermintide 2 ” currently only pay $ 6.99 instead of $ 27.99 due to a discount of 75 percent.

What is Steam?

Steam is a video game digital distribution service by Valve. It was launched as a standalone software client in September 2003 as a way for Valve to provide automatic updates for their games, and expanded to include games from third-party publishers. Wikipedia

The second free game on Steam is called “Quiplash”. This is a party game: the participants are asked a question, to which as funny answers as possible must be found. An example would be the question ” How do you best get rid of annoying head lice?”or, “What is at the end of a double rainbow?“. The most creative and funny answers can be designed as desired. The participants then vote together on the winner. Only one player must own the title, the others can play via smartphone or online. “Quiplash” will be available as a free game on Steam until April 26. The game can therefore be permanently added to your own library and can also be used later.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 free trial on Steam
Download Quiplash on Steam for free


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