Steam Deck now compatible with 80% of Steam's most popular games

Although the information is not official, a community of fans has come to establish that 20% of the most popular titles on Steam can run on Steam Deck . Obviously adding an asterisk indicating that these games must however undergo some modifications to ensure such compatibility.

When, last July, the Steam Deck became a reality to be expected , many have surely expected the machine to be, no more and no less, than a nomadic version of Steam. Before the start of the school year, it is only revealed that due to the software used by the Steam Deck, the latter will not be able to operate all the titles of the Valve platform .

The Steam Deck, Valve’s first portable console

So began the hunt for games compatible with the Steam Deck, with in particular the introduction of labels supposed to identify those accepted and rejected. Over the past months, the craze for the machine may have subsided due to a still uncertain game library.

PUBG and Halo Infinite could not (yet) run on the Steam Deck It is not Valve who provides information today on a compatibility update (after having however already delivered to the exercise ), but the ProtonDB community site. The name Proton is also that of the layer used by the console to allow SteamOS to launch Windows titles.

ProtonDB users usually test software compatibility on Linux . And thanks precisely to the use of the Proton layer, these fans were able to determine what were, at the present time, the proportion of Steam games that can be played on the Steam Deck. We learn that on the top 80 of the most popular games on the first platform, 20% can be practiced on the second .

Where do these % recalcitrant? For the most part, if not mainly, of titles requiring an anti-piracy system. Games like PUBG , Destiny 2 , Apex Legends or Halo Infinite would therefore not be functional on Steam Deck. A bit annoying since these apps are among the ten most currently used on Steam.

The Steam Deck should be able to be launched in February 2022.

Source: VG 247