Stay at home

Cécilia Berder, member of the French fencing team, reviews the Olympic and Paralympic news in view of the Paris Games in 2024.

The resumption of the World Cups rang this weekend for the international saber. My colleagues took to the road at the beginning of the week to find the foreigners. Direction the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.

This trip will be done without me. Yet I am neither punished nor hurt. I am pregnant and my place at the moment is no longer really on the fencing tracks.

The sports project remains the same but it is an opportunity, after the Games, to discover this enchanted interlude. The timing is necessarily difficult to find when you are a top athlete, especially since you can’t decide when you are going to get pregnant.

I continue training, obviously by adapting the practice. Every month, I take stock with my gynecologist to define the program. Activities revolve around swimming, weight training, yoga and technical work (lessons, legwork and videos). Lunges, leaps and competitions are now prohibited.

This weekend will therefore take place the first international competition of 2022, and it was very funny to see them leave. The armory became more and more quiet. The locker room emptied little by little.

I will certainly stay at home, but the alarm clock is already programmed to turn me into a supporter behind my screen. It’s sometimes even almost more stressful than holding your sword, and finding yourself a few meters from your opponent. I got messages from strangers asking me why I wasn’t there. I hope to miss them a little during this period.

For the sanitary conditions on this first international event of 2022, the situation is still as complicated. The tests are repeated, as for everyone, with the stress of being positive before leaving and not being able to participate. Added to this is the risk of being positive on the spot. The penalty would be 10 days of isolation in a clinic in Georgia without contact. This trip will therefore have its share of tensions, hoping to see our French girls shine, and return to our training center on time.