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Starlink halves its prices, but there’s a catch

According to 01Net’s Starlink halves its prices, but there’s a catch
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The SpaxeX subsidiary, which offers Internet access via satellite, drastically reduces its prices in France, but introduces a data envelope limited to 250 GB per month.

For French Starlink subscribers, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the SpaceX subsidiary, after increasing its prices in France a few months ago, has just backtracked and halved its prices.

As MacG reports, the Satellite Internet service provider is increasing its subscription from 99 dolars to around 50 dolars per month. To this, subscribers must always add the 634 dolars of essential equipment to be installed in their homes, but Starlink, as a great lord, now offers the 59 dolars for postage. A price drop that Starlink imagines may be saving in an attempt to poach new subscribers from the competition.

The bad news is that this sudden rebate hides a hare, and not the least. Elon Musk’s firm indicates on its site that from October 2022, an envelope of 250 GB of “priority data” will be allocated to its subscribers, who will however be able to continue to benefit from an unlimited amount of ” standard data.

“As of October 2022, Starlink is piloting a fair use policy in mainland France to ensure that as our customer base grows, the typical user’s quality of service is not negatively impacted by users who consume large amounts of data.

As part of the fair usage policy, all users have access to unlimited data which includes a monthly allowance of 250 GB of “priority data” and an unlimited amount of “standard data”reads the ISP’s support pages.

In other words, Starlink will provide a full-speed connection for the first 250 gigabytes of data consumed each month, and throttle throughput beyond that.

“Users who consume 250 GB/month or less of data will be prioritized. Users who exceed 250 GB/month will still have access to unlimited data, but may experience slower speeds during times of network congestion. Users can also choose to purchase additional data to regain priority at $10/100GB”concludes the ISP on his site.

The connection will therefore not be cut, but the biggest consumers should see the connection speed decrease if they exceed this “fair use”. As for those who exceed this envelope, they will have no choice but to put their hands in their pockets if they want to find an optimal connection speed. Be careful however, these new rules are currently part of a pilot experience reserved only for metropolitan France.

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