Spotify, Apple Music: which services pay artists the best?

The Statista study portal has just done a very useful job. Analysts have indeed compiled data from various sources such as Digital Music News, The Trichordist, or even Forbes, to establish the number of plays needed to earn one euro on a music streaming platform.

This study is all the more interesting as most of the services show relatively little transparency on this subject. However, players in Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and even Deezer are essential today in the field of music. Streaming has indeed largely supplanted other modes of consumption to become the main source of income for artists.

Platform algorithms are singled out

In detail, the average number of plays to earn one euro on Apple Music is estimated at 20. The service of the Cupertino company therefore seems the most profitable. It is followed by Deezer on which 200 clicks are required. Amazon Music and Spotify follow with relatively close results: 232 and 362.

Tencent Music brings up the rear 2895 plays necessary to generate one euro. The Chinese service has however set up a micropayment service which offers another source of income to musicians.

As a reminder, we were talking to you last April about a study published by Christine Bauer from Utrecht University and Andrés Ferraro from Pompeu Fabra University. The two researchers point the finger at a bias in music streaming algorithms which tend to favor songs created by men over those created by women.

While a good number of Internet users are are guided by AI, the remuneration of artists is therefore affected by this design problem. Therefore, the authors put forward a solution: rework the algorithms in order to reclassify male artists to lower positions and thus ensure a real balance.