Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill dies aged 82

His projects – more than 1.000! – are known all over the world, and more particularly in France. The Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill died Friday at 82 years of complications related to Covid-19, announced his family. “He died a few hours ago,” his son Pablo Bofill told AFP. In a press release, his studio, the Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, specified that he had died in Barcelona and paid tribute “to the Spanish architect who had the most great international career”.

The spaces of Abraxas, setting of the last “Hunger Games”

Born on December 5 1939 in Barcelona from a Catalan architect father and a Venetian mother, Ricardo Bofill Levi had begun his studies in 1957 at the Barcelona School of Architecture, from which he had been expelled for anti-Franco activism, before continuing his studies in Geneva. Founded in 1963, his architecture studio, the Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, installed in an old cement factory on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​has signed more than 1. 000 projects all over the world.

We owe in particular to Ricardo Bofill the airport of Barcelona, ​​the National Theater of Catalonia, the Palace of Congresses in Madrid or the Donnelley and Dearborn skyscrapers in Chicago. In France, where he was very well known and particularly appreciated, Bofill signed large social housing complexes, such as the Antigone district in Montpellier or the Abraxas spaces in Noisy-le-Grand, in the suburbs of Paris, where filmed several scenes of Brazil, the cult science fiction film by Terry Gilliam, as well as the last episode of the cinematographic saga

Hunger Games.