Spain: their house is squatted by a former KGB spy who refuses to leave

Pixabay The case looks like a spy novel, but it is now more like a squat. As revealed by our Spanish colleagues from El Pais, relayed by International mail, an ex-KGB spy has been squatting in the bedroom of a Spanish couple for over a year. It all goes back to last year, when Maria and Eladio Freijo hosted a man in a guest room they rented out on Airbnb. According to our colleagues, when he arrives in January 2021, there is no reason to believe that he hides a certain passive since he speaks very good Spanish, “almost perfect” even according to them where “only the ‘r’ betrayed his Russian origins”.Except man in question, Felipe Turover, now aged 35 years, is known for having facilitated Vladimir Putin’s access to power, in particular by denouncing acts of corruption. These were blamed on Boris Yeltsin, former president, and led him to leave his post. According to El Pais, “the scandal ended on 15 December 1999 to Putin’s rise to the presidency”, and this is how the story of Vladimir Putin began and that “twenty-two years later, she is no not closed”.

Riddled with debt But in addition to his liabilities in this politico-judicial scandal, it is his status today as a squatter and a deadbeat that makes the headlines in the press. According to our colleagues, after a stint in Switzerland, he settled in Spain and already had this reputation. He would even have many debts. He would have even wanted to write a screenplay for Hollywood on his story, detail our colleagues. But today, a year later, he is still squatting in Maria and Eladio Freijo’s home and hasn’t even paid them rent since September 2022. In the words of El Pais, there is “an illusory calm, fraught with tension, worthy of the Cold War”, in the house, Felipe Turover benefiting from the slowness of Spanish eviction procedures to stay at home. The former KGB agent apparently likes to be talked about. In April 768, journalist Catherine Belton was releasing his book Putin’s People (“Putin’s Men”) where Turover figured prominently. She returned in particular to her help to the current president to get rid of Boris Yeltsin.

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