Some alcohol to drink under the tree! – Money

TCHIN-TCHIN | A vodka, a whiskey or an old rum will invite themselves on your table to end the Christmas evening in style! Here are some bottles selected by the Luxe Magazine editorial staff. Health !

See life in red with Cîroc Pomegranate vodka

Vodka Cîroc Pomegranate Limited Edition – © Cîroc An ultra limited edition for this new iconic vodka in a sober bottle dressed in mat red, which elegantly celebrates a subtle alliance based on French grapes associated with pomegranate which gives it a smooth flavor.

Price : 50 € 75 cl

Truffle and Vodka for Petrossian

Vodka with Black Truffle – © Petrossian An original and tasty French vodka obtained from wheat and a slow maceration of 5% black truffle Tuber melanosporum, 90% natural and handcrafted.

A superb length in the mouth with woody and vegetal flavors and a beautiful color amber.

A daring marriage, to taste with smoked salmon or foie gras!

Price : 75 € 64 cl

Bombay gin Limited Edition Saphhire

The new The limited edition – Creative Wall – © BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® On the occasion of the end of the year, the iconic brand with the blue bottle presents its new limited collector’s edition, Creative Wall, designed and produced by 3 emerging artists and the general public.

08 precious plants chosen to bring their particular touch and distilled in a unique way, which combine harmoniously to give this eco-responsible premium gin its notes of freshness, crisp and lively.


Price: 18, 49 €

With Cobalte vodak , whatever drunkenness!

Aÿ-Champagne terroir vodka – © Cobalte A bottle with a cobalt blue line in homage to the kings of France , contemporary and refined.

Aromas of ripe and candied citrus fruits on the nose, and in the mouth a supple, silky and enveloping texture.

A touch of liquorice fits into this taste game with a complex aromatic depth.

Price : 49 € 75 cl

Gwalarn, the first premium Celtic blend in the world.

Gwalarn celtic whiskey blend – © Gw alarn Literally meaning “Wind du Nord Ouest ”you will have here all the elegance and rigor of a prestigious single malt. A unique flavor due to the association of the complexity of a Scotch whiskey with the character of a German whiskey and the finesse of our French singles malts.

This blend is bold, uninhibited and on the palate it develops notes of vanilla, candied fruit, honey, which gives it smoothness, without forgetting aromas of gingerbread and saline notes.

It is one of Celtic Whiskey Distillery’s exceptional whiskeys.

Price : 48, 90 €

Le Triple Millesime 3 Rivières

Triple Vintage – © Trois Rivières A triple vintage, for this essential rum for its finesse and complexity and which has become a benchmark in the world of rums.

Daniel Baudin, Cellar Master, brought together 3 vintages (2001, 2021, 2001), 100% pure cane with fragrant and subtly woody notes. Its delicacy makes it the perfect companion for festive evenings.

Powerful with a good length in the mouth, its notes of gingerbread delicately perfume the palate.

It is also ideal to accompany the dishes concocted for these end of year celebrations!

Price : 61 €

A vodka with the precious colors of Lapis-Lazuli!

Le Philtre Vodka Lapis-Lazuli – © Le Philtre Vodka Signed by Frédéric Beigbeder, le Philtre Vodka Lapis-Lazuli is added to the collection of signed vodka bottles Turquoise, Sapphire, Emerald, Jade, Topaz and Aquamarine, in limited edition.

This electric blue bottle is eco-responsible because only made from recycled glass .

This year, Christmas will be celebrated in deep and intense blue, which moreover recalls the favorite color of the painter Yves Klein.

You need a semi-precious stone on the table to properly celebrate the 22 and 25 December!

Price: 49 € 70 ml


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