Softball star set on return to the Olympics


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Transcript for Softball star set on return to the Olympics

Now with the story of the passion and drive that it takes to be an Olympic champions this segment is sponsored by no pets. Some clothes stacked cat after men medal twice with the USA softball team before the sport was taken out of the competition after the twenty away games but now it’s back. And those cat here’s your inspiring story. The countdown. And the Olympic summer games. See the return of softball which took about an Tonioli. And fans of the sport are also looking forward to another huge comeback. Kat asked him. Coming out of retirement for one last shot at Olympic glory you get to be crowned the best in the world about what time on the biggest stage our sport has stopped her words our hearts to put together to describe it. One of the sport’s all time greats first as a four time all American for the University of Texas. Then winning back to back medals as a key member of the US national T. They’re on foreign soil you’re getting to hear your National Anthem at such an incredible experience to the south my ace went on to a stellar pro careers. Hanging up her cleats in 2015. But when soft balls return to be Olympics became official she saw an opportunity to give back to her sports. I felt like I voted to US itself and to. The young athletes and capable of helping them an environmentalist but I think cap was just 21 during her Olympic debut the youngest on the team. Now at 38 she’s the oldest but the six foot two powerhouse is still a fearsome sight on the mound. Obviously the body doesn’t cover as fast that you still playing 125 make it. Go out and have you know multiple intents bullpen than hard practices in the days in a row and not be phased and now I get about today’s hero and I need a nap I’ll day the next day so its outer covering. Your cat is part of another stellar crew team milk as a spokeswoman for our sponsored milk. Who selected have to be a part of their iconic got milk campaign. It’s awesome for me the atlas talked about the fact that I do anything else and you love it because of the nutrients and provides no provides these news. Nutrients that are getting into stronger which is what we line. When ability plant she plans to retire for good later this year. But for now she savoring that only shot at bringing home the goal. Part of me coming back this time was so myself battered. What hardware what chasing extremely light what you have to do these successful at the highest level it’s just such incredible experience.

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