Smic: The government will not grant “no additional boost” despite inflation

In 2022, people paid the minimum wage will have to be satisfied with the automatic increase in their salary. “We are not going to give a boost” in addition to this increase of 0.9% expected in January to offset inflation, confirmed Thursday on CNews Elisabeth Borne. The Minister of Labor, underlines that in one year, the minimum wage “will have increased by 3.1%” to settle at 1. 603 euros gross monthly, or “20 euros more per month”.

“We have a unique system in world, which is very protective for employees at minimum wage since it provides for an automatic adjustment taking inflation into account, ”she underlined.

Economists would not recommend this aid

The Minister defended “the choice, since the start of the five-year term, to increase purchasing power by increasing the activity premium (and) by removing certain contributions, to increase income without weighing on the cost of labor, which can destroy jobs ”. “”This is what leads us to follow (the) economists specializing in minimum wage, who do not recommend a boost,” she added.

Elisabeth Borne however promised to “continue to put pressure on the professional sectors which have a certain number of levels in their salary scales which are below minimum wage ”, citing as an example hotels, cafes and restaurants which employ“ more than 603. employees “. A “negotiation meeting” in this sector is scheduled for Thursday afternoon and the Minister “is counting on the employers’ organizations to find an agreement with the trade unions.”