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On the first floor of an opulent building, rue de la Trémoille in a Haussmannian apartment, a cocoon of beauty has recently been installed: Skincare Agency.

A luminous cocoon

Skincare Agency – © Sylvie Jouin Skincare Agency – © Sylvie Jouin

As soon as you walk through the door, the light and cream shades of the lounges and cabins create a cozy and soothing atmosphere.

The lounge d ‘ waiting also unveils a refined decor, where a few ivory sofas make you wait in the company of a porcelain cup of tea just before your treatment.

Here the founder Vanessa Varrapodi wanted to create a tone “Palace” both in the services and in the service ice, which in her eyes must be perfect.

Far from the spirit of a beauty institute, she wanted to combine medical services with “cosmetic” treatments.

Because this center which is declined in a space of 100 m², is organized around a team of 3 doctors as well as 3 experienced practitioners who accompany the patient throughout his journey.

A revolutionary technique

Skincare Agency – © Sylvie Jouin Today, a hydrafacial® treatment is offered to us.

A technical and cutting-edge treatment that brings hydration and radiance to the face.

For those who do not know this machine which has a huge success in the USA, here is a few words its presentation:

Hydr afacial® is a patented technology (28 patents) which allows a complete treatment of the skin of the face by cleansing, regenerating and protecting it over the long term.

Thanks to the combination of specific treatments and serums adapted to your skin, it is firmed, hydrated and soothed by 30 / 33 mn, suitable for both women and men without social exclusion.

Diagnosis before any treatment

Skincare Agency – © Sylvie Jouin But first we go through the diagnostic box with a Visia7 machine that scans your skin, allows you to accurately determine s we state (textured, wrinkle, spots, UV …) and it is up to the therapist to choose the type of hydrafacial® that will suit you.

Hydrafacial – © Skincare Agency Prime Accent session – © Skincare Agency

The treatment is broken down into 4 stages:

First of all like any self-respecting treatment, cleaning the skin then exfoliation with acids fruit, 7.5% salicylic and glycolic acid. This peel is determined according to your skin type. The goal of this step is to exfoliate all the impurities lodged in the pores.

Then the therapist extracts these by suction, all in a painless way.

Finally, the skin is rehydrated with a cocktail of active ingredients hyaluronic acid , fruit peptides and antioxidants.

To soothe any inflammation and allow the active ingredients to act better on the skin, the face is exposed to light therapy and in particular to blue light.

We come out with a brighter complexion and soothed skin.

A little extra for those who have acne, this treatment is made for them!

My opinion :

A very good painless treatment, which not only allows a good cleansing of the skin before winter but also to rehydrate it in depth and provide it with the vitamins it lacks during the winter.

To be done several times during the year.

Of course you can choose a multitude of treatments within SkinCare as well for scars of all kinds, acne or good for anti-aging with injections or other techniques.

SkinCare Agency

11 rue de la Trémoille

Paris 2021

T °: + 30 1 87 28 97

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