Skiing (slalom): cruel regrets for Christmas, Pinturault is reassured with 2nd place

Huge disillusionment for Clément Noël: party to win the slalom of Madonna di Campiglio, this Wednesday, the French crashed and missed the last gate. Alexis Pinturault took 2nd place in the event, only beaten by the Norwegian Sebastian Floss Solevaag.

No one has come close to his ankle since the start of the season between the poles, but he has just let slip a success which stretched out its arms to him. Best time of the first round of Madonna di Campiglio’s slalom this Wednesday, Clément Noël flew over the second round and was heading for a quiet victory in the north of the ‘Italy until the last gate, which he missed due to a fall, which earned him disqualification. His misfortune smiled on the Norwegian Sebastian Floss Solevaag, winner of the event, and another French: Alexis Pinturault , who took second place.

The latter was in ambush after the first round, completed with the fifth time. With a solid second round, the holder of the big globe secured the 73 th podium of his career, ten hundredths behind the winner . Something to reassure after a mixed start to the season and a big failure at Alta Badia at the start of the week. The last guest on the podium, the Swede Kristoffer Jakobsen took the lead of the specialty world cup tied at Foss-Solvelaag. Victor Muffat-Jandet took 9th place (1 ” ).

Christmas very close to 4/4

However, it is Christmas that makes the best impression of all slalomers since the start of the season. Two weeks ago, he flew over the Val d’Isère slalom , setting the best time of the two heats. This Wednesday, he could perfectly have achieved the same feat without his mishap, so much he took off at each intermediate crossing point. His victory in France, however, allows him to be ambushed at the world slalom championship, only 40 points from the two leaders .

The two French locomotives will obviously be among the favorites for the next slalom, in Zagreb on January 6, but especially for the Olympic event, on 16 February in Beijing, to succeed Jean-Pierre Vidal, the last Blue gold medalist in 2002. An objective that could become a priority for Pinturault: after his failure at Alta Baldia, he had already recognized in interview “to be too far for the general “of the World Cup.

Corentin Parbaud Journalist RMC Sport