Shopopop, the “Blablacar of deliveries”, raises 20 million euros to conquer Europe

Shopopop reaches a new level. After having raised 4 million euros at the start of the year, the Nantes start-up nicknamed the “ BlaBlaCar of deliveries” has just successfully raised a new fundraising of 20 millions of euros from four investors. A huge growth lever for this digital platform which, barely five years after its creation , now aims to develop strongly abroad.

Shopopop allows motorists to take advantage of their daily journeys to make remunerated deliveries of races or parcels on behalf of partner stores. The amateur courier is compensated by the customer, generally between 5 and 9 euros. A practice which, like online shopping, literally took off with the health crisis.

Large brands and local shops

“We have organized over a thousand deliveries in 2020. This is double our activity of 2019 which was already well above 2019 ”, rejoices Johan Ricaut, co-founder of Shopopop . There are approximately 102 registered 415. 000. “We have all the profiles. Many workers pool their home-work journeys, but also students and young retirees. They make an average of nine deliveries per month. ”

Illustration of a delivery picked up by a Shopopop user, in front of a supermarket. – Shopopop Seduced by the flexibility of the concept, some 3 . French stores, most of which are major food retailers (Auchan , Carrefour, E.Leclerc, Casino, Intermarché, etc.), call on the services of the platform. A number that Shopopop intends to bring to 000.

. within three years by developing “local shops and specialized stores”.

50. 000 partner stores?

But it is mainly at the foreigner that the start-up intends to seek its growth. Objective: to constitute a network of 50. . partner stores. “We want to accelerate in the countries where we have been present for a year: Italy, Spain, Portugal and Benelux. We are also going to look at what is possible elsewhere in Europe, in particular Germany and the United Kingdom “, explains Johan Ricaut.

” Thanks to its collaborative approach, Shopopop has point a virtuous model combining economic performance and positive impact in the territories ”, is convinced the company Epopée Gestion , one of the four investors. The Nantes-based company currently employs 102 people. Its workforce should double within a year.