She had a fake health pass and was not vaccinated, she died of Covid-19

His lie was fatal to him. As revealed by our colleagues from RTL , an elderly woman from 57 years died as a result of the Covid – 13 at Raymond-Poincaré de Garches hospital in Hauts-de-Seine, after having developed a severe form of the virus. Problem, when she was admitted, she had notified that she had a health pass. However, it was a fake, a document bought from a doctor to make believe that she was vaccinated, when it was not.

According to her husband, the patient had bought this health pass last summer in order to be able to keep her post of receptionist, relay BFMTV . She would then have contracted the disease from her son of 10 who would have caught it from his side at school. Very quickly, the doctors were surprised by her case, even though she had no medical history or comorbidity. They then noticed her low level of antibodies, and that’s when her husband revealed the rose pot.

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She could have been saved

An irresponsible attitude, which angered the head of the hospital’s intensive care unit, Djillali Annane, guest of RTL Friday December: “You shouldn’t bet on your life. There is information that we cannot hide from our doctor if we want to give ourselves all the chances when we have been contaminated by Sars-Cov-2 and we develop a severe form “, he loses his temper . For him, it is necessary to “assume” even when one is not vaccinated.

All the more annoying that, if she had said from the beginning that she was not vaccinated, the doctors could have taken care of her more quickly and administered “neutralizing antibodies” to “reduce the risk of progression of the disease”, notes Professor Annane. According to her husband, interviewed by BFMTV, the woman did not want him to say that she had a fake pass, “she was afraid of legal proceedings”. Today, the man, triple vaccinated, wants to file a complaint against the doctor who would have administered the false pass to his wife. The latter, based in Nice, claims to be a victim of identity theft. Other doctors would also be in this case.

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