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Shazam Reveals Most Shazamed Song Ever

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Twenty years is something to celebrate! This summer, Shazam celebrates its 20th birthday by sharing the most significant titles of the last two decades. It’s also an opportunity to discover THE most “shazamed” song in history.

Shazam has probably been used at least once by anyone with a smartphone. So that the verb “shazamer” has entered common parlance. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the application shares some statistics around the most shared songs in its history.

More than 70 billion titles searched

When it was launched in 2002, you had to call “2580” when a song was played for it to be recognized. The user then received an SMS indicating the name of the title and the artist. Another era.

Since then, Shazam has come a long way. In October 2008, the application was launched on the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store. It wasn’t until 10 years later, in 2018, that the company was acquired by Apple. As of this writing, Shazam has surpassed two billion installs and has over 225 million monthly users, with a total of 70 billion songs. shazamed. The company takes the opportunity to share 20 of the most popular songs of their respective years.

We find there “Crazy”by Gnarls Barkley, “Shape of You”by Ed Sheeran, “Cheap Thrills”from Sia, “Blurred Lines”by Robin Thicke, “Lonely”Akon or even “Bring Me to Life”, from Evanescence. So many titles that marked their time and that we find in all the good “blind testing” musical. Do you already have them in your head?

The most shazamed songs of all time are…

In its blog article, Apple takes the opportunity to establish different rankings to highlight a maximum of songs. We learn, for example, that the first title shazame is “Jeepster”of T.Rexon April 19, 2002. The first song to reach 1,000 Shazams is “Cleanin’ Out My Closet”by Eminem, also in 2002. The first to reach 10 million is “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye and Kimbra in December 2012.

Some artists also stand out by the total number of tracks registered on the application or the speed at which they reach a certain number. We will cite for example drake who is the most shazame artist of all time with over 350 million Shazams alone. BTS stands out as the first group/artist to reach one million Shazams the fastest, in just nine days thanks to its title “Butter”.

“Dancing Monkey”, by Tones And I is the most shazamed all time with over 41 million Shazams. This means nothing to you ? Type the title of the YouTube song, it will give you the opportunity to discover the clip that is worth seeing.

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