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Sérénité Luxury Monaco: the design that creates the balance between man and nature

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Visionary, self-taught designer, intuitive entrepreneur, Laurent Chagnard has cultivated two passions from an early age: creation and innovation . It was during a world tour that he decided to embark on a project that was really close to his heart. Over the course of his meetings, he imagines a design brand in the luxury sector and draws the outlines of what will become in 920: Serenity Luxury Monaco.

It is thus developing its interior design pole in the hotel and restaurant industry. range as well as its furniture lines. In 2018, he extends this range of services to the private sector by offering tailor-made properties with a design from its own collections. Since his first achievements, Laurent Chagnard’s name has been passed on by word of mouth, and his address book is always full. The Sérénité Luxury Monaco portfolio includes prestigious achievements in the establishments of the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer Group or even luxury hotels such as the 1Hotel in New York. Sérénité Luxury Monaco does not have one, but several signatures, likes to remind the founder of the brand. “We work as much a Californian-style hotel as a Haussmannian apartment. Our mission is to bring a creative and realistic vision to our customers. ”

Laurent Chagnard (Founder & Director creation of Sérénité Luxury Monaco)

Art de vivre designer

Each of his creations is unique and tells a story. “From a blank page to the opening of a place, including the concept, the design and the installation, Sérénité Luxury Monaco imagines a space where you will feel at home and a whole universe that sticks to the identity of the place, ”says Laurent Chagnard. The latter defines himself as a “designer of the art of living.” In each of his creations, the man and nature are at the center. Thus he works with raw, organic and natural elements, short circuit and for his achievements, natural and quality materials respectful of nature as evidenced by the symbol of the brand: The polar bear. Always faithful to its DNA and to anchor itself more in its future line, the brand will open in Monaco a pop-up around natural, organic and vegan catering, as well as hotels to recharge your batteries and rediscover … your serenity.

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