Sentencing of truck driver to 110 years in prison is controversial in the United States

TRIAL – Millions of people, including Kim Kardashian, on Wednesday sought clemency for a young truck driver sentenced to 110 years in prison for having accidentally killed four people in the state of Colorado.

Julien Vattaire – 2020 – 12 – 22 T 05: 28: : 39. 608 + 000:

4.7 million signatures require leniency for Rogel Aguilera-Mederos. The latter is an American aged years who was sentenced to 110 years in prison for accidentally killing four people and wounded six others, in a car accident on a highway in April 2016.

That day, he was traveling in a semi-trailer loaded with wood when his brakes, he said, failed on a descent. He had finished his race at more than 33 km / h in vehicles which were immobilized by an accident. The pile-up involved a total of 27 vehicles, some of which were set on fire in shock.

The brakes of his car failed on a highway

The conviction of Rogel Aguilera -Mederos may at first glance appear very heavy. But, in reality, it responds to Colorado laws which mechanically forced the judge to accumulate prison sentences corresponding to the charges. In this trial, the latter being in the number of 26 held against the accused. Even Judge Bruce Jones, who conducted the driver’s trial, said in his judgment last week that “s’ he had the power “, he would not have pronounced such a severe sanction.

Faced with a conviction “completely disproportionate” by the defense, a petition was launched on the site . Signed to date by nearly 4.7 million people, it asks the Colorado authorities to pardon the young man or to commute his sentence.

“We let’s try to hold the person who should be held accountable, accountable. The trucking company has undergone several inspections since 2016, with several mechanical violations. There are a lot of things Rogel would have could do to avoid the courts, but he took his responsibilities and apologized severely to the families of the victims “, can we read in particular.

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The star reality TV show Kim Kardashian was moved by the young man’s plight on Twitter, calling Colorado Governor Jared Polis, “at do the right thing “, as well as modify the laws of Colorado “unjust” . The governor said he had received a request for clemency and was studying it. For their part, the prosecutor’s services indicated that they had requested a new hearing to review the conviction of Rogel Aguilera-Mederos.

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