Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) ignores his place in MCU Phase 4

Credit: Marvel Studios We don’t necessarily think about it, but casually, Sebastian Stan is present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for ten years. Introduced in Captain America: First Avenger , the actor appears very little as Bucky Barnes. It was several years before Steve Rogers’ best friend returned as the Winter Soldier. A Hydra-controlled supervillain before a Redemption Arc. Because now, the latter works for good with the Avengers despite a big mistrust at the beginning. The character was even entitled to his series on Disney + : The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . A nice start for the fourth phase of the MCU.

But today, a question arises: what future for the Winter Soldier in the MCU and this fourth phase? Credit: Marvel Studios Sebastian Stan answers the question in interview for ComicBook (via CBR ). And the actor assures him, he doesn’t know! Read also : These actors star in Dune and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sebastian Stan wants to play Bucky Barnes as much as possible

Bucky Barnes is going to be returning to the MCU, there’s no doubt about it. But a question arises: when? Because after all, the way does not seem drawn for the character during the fourth phase. For the moment, all eyes are on the multiverse and characters like Loki, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man or Kang the Conqueror .

And even Sebastian Stan admits he doesn’t know anything about the future for the Winter Soldier. I do not don’t know, I really don’t know. I haven’t known anything for over ten years. I am always very happy when I can live another day and hope that I am not too old. We will see, everything is possible. As long as will keep calling him, I’m here. I’m just going with the flow. Sebastian Stan Recall that Bucky Barnes must appear in Captain America 4 . Steve Rogers hung up and Sam Wilson is now wearing the iconic costume, shield in hand. A much anticipated film by fans as an introduction to a new take on the superhero.