SCNF strike: “It's been like that every year for forty years” … Resignation wins travelers to Marseille

” Finally ! It was time “. The crowd sighs and presses onto platform G of the station of Marseille Saint-Charles on this Friday departure from holidays. The loudspeaker has just announced the entry into service of a TGV bound for Paris. It is 11 h 30 and Camille, up since 6 hours sharp, complains of having already missed three meetings. “We were told that the train was coming, then ultimately no, then that there was a last minute change of lane, I’m exhausted! », Annoys this thirty-something.

Like her, a hundred travelers are patient. The call for the strike initially planned for this weekend, has indeed been lifted, but too late to avoid disruption this Friday in the South-East of France. According to forecasts, only one in two TGV runs on the main axes. “I was not even aware of this strike,” admits Lucas. “A whole day wasted and no organization! “, Mutters Virgil.

” We do with … “

In the hall of the Saint-Charles station, Lola, slumped over her suitcase, has prepared to spend the day, if necessary, waiting for the next train to Lyon, which she is not sure she will see leave. “I am in charge,” confides the young student from Lyon, resigned. I don’t feel like taking a bus. Too bad, I’m patient ”. “It’s like that every year for forty years, storms his neighbor Stéphane, waiting for a train to Nice. We do with… ”

“ Then I understand, concedes Lola. If the strike fell at another time, the railroad workers’ cry of anger would echo in the void ”. A feeling not shared by all travelers on this Friday morning. “It’s a whim,” protests Annie, who has been waiting for her grandchildren for an hour. The children had to skip school this morning to be sure they could leave! “” This strike like all the others will not change anything, laughs Virginie. The state is not affected. He’s not the one going on vacation. Anyway, we’ll be leaving, whether by bus or next week! ”

” Is it okay, is he there? »

The silence within the station is regularly broken by the beeping of the telephones. “Is it okay, is he there?” », Sighs Marc’s companion at the other end of the film. “My family is waiting for me,” he explains. I wanted to surprise my children by picking them up from school but I think it failed. »

Outside, a group of young Parisian sportsmen, visiting for a tournament in Marseilles, benefit from the rays of the sun which bathe the square of the station. “We are waiting for that annoys us but hey we are in Marseille, the weather is nice, Paris can wait! One of them laughs. The return to normal is expected this Saturday.