Scientists created a bubble that burst after 465 days

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Children generally have a lot of fun with soap bubbles. A little water, a delicate breath and presto, they swell… then burst. Their average lifespan is a few minutes for the toughest. Now French scientists from the University of Lille have invented a bubble that has just broken the world record for lifespan. That the most persevering of the big children are not jealous: it was a bubble of gas, therefore a little particular. Nevertheless, it will have lasted 465 days before bursting. This study conducted on the lifespan of a bubble is the first of its kind.

To maintain the structure of the bubble , the scientists reinforced it with a shell composed of layers of plastic particles, glycerol and water. It is therefore a ball of gas. “Soap bubbles are in essence fragile and ephemeral, they explain. We design bubbles made of a composite liquid film, capable of neutralizing all these effects and maintaining their integrity for more than a year in an ordinary atmosphere.» Previous research on the subject demonstrated the solidity of such a structure, allowing the object to be held in the hand or rolled on a surface.

Creating stable foams

The team set up an experiment to distinguish the different lifespans of the various bubbles that exist. Soap bubbles, water-based gas balls and gas balls made from water and glycerol (a viscous liquid ) were studied. Unsurprisingly, the soap bubbles burst quickly while the water-glycerol ball lasted 465 days.

But concretely, what is the use of such an experience? Likely to create stable foams, writes the team in their study. For the professor of mathematics at New York University, Leif Ristroph (who was not involved in the study), it could be useful to “shield small droplets from aerosols and sprays to make them last longer in the air”. This technique could then have commercial applications but also medical, as for drugs administered by spraying and breathing, adds- he.