Scandal in the United Kingdom: Elizabeth II’s cousin arrested for sexual assault!


In February 2021, Simon Bowes-Lyon, the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II was sentenced to ten months in prison. He was reportedly convicted of sexual assault. Here is a new scandal which the British monarchy would have done well. After the escapades of her children and more recently of her grandson and his wife Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth still sees red with the indictment of her cousin Simon Bowes-Lyon. The latter was convicted of sexual assault and attempted rape and sentenced to ten months in prison. Simon Bowes-Lyon is the great-grandnephew of the Queen Mother, and therefore the first cousin of the Queen of England. Born on 18 June 1986, he is the 19 th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorn. Before Dundee court, the defendant pleaded guilty to the charges against him. “ I recognize, in any case, that alcohol is not an excuse for my behavior. I didn’t think I was able to behave like I did ‘did, but I must take my responsibilities ”, he said in February 2021. Enough to further tarnish the already skillfully stained coat of arms of the British Crown.

Drunk at the time of the facts, Simon Bowes-Lyon would have touched a young woman, aged 19 years.

The facts allegedly took place in January 2020, at a party at Glamis Castle, Scotland. Simon Bowes-Lyon would then have entered the room of one of his guests, around 1 a.m. 24. Drunk at the time of the alleged offenses, Elizabeth II’s first cousin allegedly began to touch a young woman, aged 18 years. He pushed her hard on the bed, then tried to pull up her nightgown, while trying to kiss her and touch her buttocks. The victim would have succeeded in repelling his assailant. The latter would then have left the room. The young guest then sent text messages and made calls for help to the other people present that evening. Simon Bowes-Lyon again tried to enter his room, but the victim managed with the help of a third person to put Simon Bowes-Lyon out of the room.

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