Sarkozy-Hollande: funny exes in a campaign

Published on 24 Jan. 2022 at 18: 35Updated 24 Jan. 2022 to 18: 2022

One speaks, at the risk of weakening Anne Hidalgo, the candidate of his dying party. The other is silent, when Valérie Pécresse, close to qualifying, needs her boost. François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy, two ex-presidents against the times, or even according to some against the camp.

“As things are not going well, we could say to ourselves: ‘Would one more candidacy be useful?'”, slips the former socialist president to a student on France 3. Nicolas Sarkozy promised to give his choice in January: “Now he says February, but it will probably be March then April”, sighs an LR actor. Both are smart enough to know the echo of an insinuation or a silence in a presidential campaign.

They also know that word travels fast when it leaves their office. Julien Dray tells anyone who will listen that François Hollande would do 10 % if he were a candidate (against the Current 3% of Anne Hidalgo in the polls). “I will soon speak,” adds the person concerned. Two deputies who saw Nicolas Sarkozy tell each other: “He would have liked to have been warned that Valérie Pécresse is talking about the Kärcher”, “Yes, and the exclusion of Guillaume Peltier did not please him”. Both remember that he was recently outraged on RTL by the aggressiveness of journalists against Eric Zemmour.

Hollande closes, Sarkozy leave open

François Hollande is in the “neither, nor, nor”. Neither Hidalgo (“He thinks it’s a carnage”, says a relative), nor Taubira since his popular primary wants to kill the PS, nor of course Jadot who wants to supplant him.

Nicolas Sarkozy conversely keeps all doors open. Valérie Pécresse, if she has a chance of saving LR, the party he created. Emmanuel Macron if he needs his contribution to win the presidential election, it being understood that it is by this scenario that the former president would weigh the most. To be a kingmaker, rather than a spectator of the victory of a candidate who has never been one of her relatives.

How difficult it is to renounce being when one has already been! The two former may be opposites in all respects, they are less concerned with having a successor than continuing to count. Bernard Cazeneuve releases a book and reflects on the future of social democracy, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis also publishes and brings together his relatives on Saturday to think about the aftermath, Carole Delga does nothing that could compromise her chances for 2027, so we had to move, thought François Hollande. Letting the idea of ​​an application that no one believes in to be in the next film pierce through. Even if it means blurring, if need be, today’s.