Sandrine Rousseau files a complaint after damage to her home, covered with stickers bearing the effigy of Eric Zemmour

The finalist of the environmentalist primary Sandrine Rousseau announced on Wednesday that she had filed a complaint against X after the facade and the front door of her home were degraded overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday with stickers bearing the image of the far-right candidate Eric Zemmour .

The complaint, filed on Wednesday at the La Rochelle police station, reports a “degradation” of his home, in Lille, by “stickers” from the movement of Eric Zemmour, “Reconquête” , presenting the face of the polemicist “affixed to the facade and the front door”, “at man’s height”, as well as trash bags “deposited on the facade”, according to the document consulted by AFP. Sandrine Rousseau, who was not present at the time of the facts, did not wish to speak on this case, she told AFP.

Her spouse present at home

The spouse of the ex-candidate for the primary environmentalists “was present” at home, “he was sleeping and been woken up by continuous ringing noises ”. “By opening the door, there was no longer anyone in the street”, specifies the complaint. In a tweet, she estimated that “a further step (had) been taken in the denial of democracy.”

The candidate Yannick Jadot , who had beaten her in the second round of the environmentalist primary, denounced “an unbearable drift”, while ensuring his “full support” to the one who is currently president of the “council policy ”, responsible for the strategy of his campaign in the race for the Elysee. She also received the support of the LFI deputy Alexis Corbière who called on Twitter for “to stop (…) this strategy of intimidation of Zemmourian thugs”.