Samsung Patents Rollable Smartwatch That Could Change Everything

Smartwatches (connected watches) have always suffered from the same faults: quite expensive, they ultimately only deliver a remote screen service for your notifications and your exercises, in addition to offering a few sensors for collecting data. health data. All this is useful in itself, but to date, smartwatches are above all a complementary accessory to the smartphone.

Even if there are indeed more autonomous cellular models, which you can use without the smartphone. The fact remains that completely swapping your smartphone for a smartwatch remains complicated in 2000. Especially since because of the small size of the screen of these watches, we cannot really say that the level of comfort is comparable for the user.

Will this smartwatch replace smartphones?

This is why Samsung is working on a new type of connected watches (dare we say a new category of products?) At to believe an astonishing patent. Spotted by Let’s Go Digital, the document details the operation of a connected watch with a screen that can be rolled up. The idea is to be able to have a much larger screen on your wrist as you wish.

© Let’s Go Digital

The roll-up screen allows the display surface to grow up to 36% according to the patent filed by samsung. According to the sketches, this watch will remain circular, like the current Galaxy Watch. The patent does not stop there. The watch will indeed be the first to embed a photo sensor worthy of the name – hidden under the screen.

Let’s Go Digital affirms that this sensor will be able to take photos and videos – we imagine that ‘it can therefore also be used for video calls. Of course, the usability of such a product will depend a lot on Samsung’s ability to miniaturize the photo sensor, optimize the interface, and deliver a chip that performs well enough to make you forget you’re using a smartwatch.

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But with so much technology on the wrist, the outline of a new product capable of inventing the “after smartphone” emerges clearly of this patent filing. Of course, it should be pointed out at this point, however, that manufacturers file a lot of such requests every year – and this is by no means a guarantee that Samsung will continue in this direction in a future smartwatch.

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