Salvatore died in the construction site in Emilia: “Great fan of Modena, we called him ‘Palermo’”

Repubblica dedicates a fixed space to deaths at work. A Spoon River that tells the lives of each victim, preventing them from turning into trivial statistical data. Invisible and forgotten lives. In our country, an average of more than two workers a day does not return home and “Dying from work” is meant to be an uninterrupted memento addressed to institutions and politics until what has been defined as a “crime of peace” ends.

“Hello ‘Palermo’, rest in peace”. ‘Palermo’ was the nickname of Salvatore Rabbito, one of those nicknames that were once used among friends or colleagues when someone came from another corner of Italy. Legacies of the distant years of emigration, of the ‘naia’, of the brotherhood of workers in the factories of the North. Salvatore, 53 years, is died in an accident at work on the highway construction site on the A 15, near Parma. He was hit by a bulldozer in reverse. To call him ‘Palermo’ were above all the fans of Modena, a group of friends who was like a second family for him who arrived from Sicily in the eighties and immediately became one of them, a Modenese, with a home in the Crocetta district. “He entered the world of the curve with great passion, he followed the team also in the away matches”, his friend Andrea told the local press.

A few years ago Rabbito had moved with his family to San Martino in Rio, in the Reggiano area, but at the stadium cheering on the ‘canaries’ of the Modena still went there often. With his son Emanuele, 11 years. Little Emanuele and his wife Rosaria, the marks left on the earth by Salvatore. Those indelible marks that are the meaning of life. “We are destroyed – said the mayor of San Martino – he was a respectable person, a model citizen, but above all a hard worker and an exemplary family man”. Touched words also in Partanna, a small town in Trapani, where Salvatore came from: “A person, a fantastic friend – Francesca writes on social media – a good father and husband. Rosy I am very close to you, be strong for your little man”. Hello ‘Palermo’, rest in peace.

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