Sales: Amazon breaks everything, here are 10 nuggets this Friday morning 🔥

The sales at Amazon, Cdiscount and others started this Wednesday and continue this Friday. Before the weekend, it’s time to jump on the opportunities. Starting tomorrow, a majority of flash sales will no longer be accessible. We take stock with our list.

Computers / tablets / TV:

MacBook Pro M1 256 Go to 799€ instead of 1249€ Smartphones & packages:

Samsung Galaxy S21 up to -84% 🔥 Xiaomi range up to -30% OnePlus 9 Pro to 509€ instead of 799€🔥 Various :

Garmin GPS watches to -35%🔥 14% discount on the entire Nike website (code GAME25)🔥 Emma mattress up to -60% (PRESSCITRON10) Samsung HDD and SSD reduced by 30% Intego: antivirus + Mac cleaner to 30,60€ instead of 65,65€ 🔥 iPhone X protective glass at 1, 65€ instead of 8,99€ See all offers

During this edition of the sales, Amazon and other merchants are putting online two types of offers. First, we find the sheds that are officially part of the winter operation. They are easy to identify because they bear the mention of the event. This means that they are part of a logic of selling at a loss framed by government legislation in France, they can go up to -60% Where -70%.

On the other hand, Amazon and others take advantage of sales to display one-time discounts. They are illustrated in parallel with the operation, but without entering directly into this destocking event. In any case, the only thing to remember is the fact that these types of offers give you a great opportunity to do business at the start of the year.

Amazon and winter sales 2022

As every year, the sales on Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac are revealed in the first days of the operation. The offers of this operation are put forward from the first day, the first week is the great highlight of this event. Many people are counting on saving money this Friday.

In this sense, the sales at Amazon and others require you to be lively, especially during the start of the operation. If you have a little time today, now is the time to go to the various merchant sites to unearth the best nuggets of this beginning of the year. As always, first come is first served and there is no restocking during the event when a reference is out of stock, you have to wait for their return with the initial price.

During sales, Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and others target all product categories. Logically, our list focuses on tech, but fashion, bedding, decoration, health or sport are also included – just like all the other product categories. In short, you are sure to be able to find low prices whatever your needs at the start of the year.

During the sales, Amazon and the others all put forward a category specially dedicated to offers of the operation, it is easily distinguished by its presence in the menu of each e-commerce site. Alternatively, you can also search directly by category. In any case, it may take a little time: our selection aims to save you some, this list is also often updated to avoid false joys or stock shortages.

To discover the sales at Amazon, it’s here:

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What offers on Amazon for the sales?

You have understood it, the sales on Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac are an opportunity save money on references from the tech sector. Moreover, it should be noted immediately that these three merchants stand out on the podium of the most present e-commerce players for this winter edition. Since Wednesday, it is at home that we find the best deals.

In parallel with the sales, Amazon has unveiled exceptional discounts on the entire Netatmo range. From the thermostat to the weather station, all of the brand’s connected objects have been entitled to large-scale reductions at the merchant. In addition, he is the only one to have exclusive offers on these references, which is why they are always among the best-selling items during operations. On the other hand, everything will go very quickly and stocks remain limited.

For its part, Cdiscount is very present for the sales. The French merchant has a string of offers, whether they concern the excellent Dyson V7 or the Bose Headphones 372. Whether it’s one or the other, all the big tech brands are targeted: Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Microsoft… Whatever device you’re looking for, chances are that one of the models comes with discounts. Note that Fnac is not unworthy either, like this crazy pack that includes Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 Pro and the Mi Smart Band 5 bracelet for less than 200 euros.

If you are afraid to go too quickly during the sales, Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and all the other participants in this operation offer a return period. Mandatory in France, it allows the public to return a product for free in order to be reimbursed in full. Amazon goes to 29 days while its French counterparts limit themselves to a minimum of 14 days. In any case, you know that you are taking no risk by ordering online during this major national event. The craziest discounts, it’s now: indulge yourself at mini prices in complete safety.

To see the sales on Amazon, it’s here:

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