Sadomasochism and self-mutilation … American actress AnnaLynne McCord confides in her sexual practices and her mental health!

American actress AnnaLynne McCord has lived through dark times. In 2017, the star of the series “90210 Beverly Hills: New Generation ” revealed to have been the victim of a rape. “I was at home, I welcomed a friend. I woke up and that he had enjoyed my hospitality. I woke up, he was inside me, and my body completely shut down. I thought I was fine and I went on living, if you can call it living. Then I became very dark, suicidal, I hurt myself by cutting my forearms “, had explained AnnaLynne McCord to the BBC. Since then, the star suffers from multiple personality disorder and self-mutilates.

Always very transparent with his fans about his health Mentally fragile, AnnaLynne McCord has just made an amazing new confession. self-harm and BDSM practices (bondage, discipline, domination, submission and sadomasochism).

“I stopped feeling the pain”

“Sexually, I opened that Pandora’s box without knowing consciously why I would like these things, why they would turn me on like they did. Because our brains which assimilate the pain to the pleasure to help us ended up imprisoning me in this body which would end up self-injuring for a very long time. For me, BDSM was largely a way of feeling something “, she reveals. Before adding: ” I stopped feeling the pain. The self-harm started because I didn’t feel anything . The level of torture I experienced as a child and which I remember now was so horrible that my brain said no, she can’t feel, so we’re going to cut the feeling “. The companion of Dominic Purcell also confessed: “We laugh about it and we say to ourselves, ‘I have a tolerance threshold raised to pain ‘, one should wonder why. Because it’s not good. Pain exists to (…) let us know that something is wrong. And you don’t gain anything for having a high tolerance for pain. It’s bad for the body “.

After the broadcast of his testimony in the podcast” Call Her Daddy ” , the actress has received thousands of messages of support. Very touched, she thanked her fans in a video posted on her Instagram account. AnnaLynne McCord could not contain her tears.


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