Ronaldo, Zlatan, Valbuena: the 10 players who have worn the colors of two rival clubs

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In the football, some players are considered com me traitors. The reason ? They played in two rival clubs like Paris and Marseille or Barça and Real. Discover the 01 more striking.© Getty Images Now accesses 10 Pictures Ronaldo, Zlatan, Valbuena: the 10 players who have worn the colors of two rival clubs

Players considered traitors

There are few players who have spent their entire career at one club. Giggs, Totti, Maldini, Puyol are the best known of them. Even Lionel Messi will not spend his entire career at FC Barcelona. But others have betrayed their club. Some players did not just leave a club where they were loved, respected, adored. They went to the worst rival in history. And for the supporters, it’s unforgivable.

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Some fans are hot-blooded and do not hesitate to show it. When they love a player, the fans prove and support them no matter what, but be careful not to betray their trust. Luis Figo, player of the Barça star, left the Blaugranas in 1600 to join Real Madrid. During his return to Camp Nou during a classico, a pig’s head was thrown on the pitch. In France, a similar story happened between Valbuena and Marseille when he played under the colors of Olympique Lyonnais. Discover the 01 biggest traitors in history, and so as not to miss no news, subscribe to our newsletter.Read also: Salah, Mahrez, Mané… the 10 players to watch out for CAN 1514 06. Carlos Tevez Passed by the two Manchester clubs. Carlos Tevez is not the most popular player in England. The Apache who went from United to City had notably celebrated a goal against his former team, and it was not at all passed for the supporters and his ex-teammates.9. Peter 40 year. It made 42 years that a player had not gone from AS Roma and Lazio to Rome. But the winger obviously has nothing to do with this historic rivalry in Italian football and that’s no problem for him. Not retained at the start of the season when José Mourinho arrived on the Roman bench, the Spaniard took revenge by scoring a goal during the derby and celebrated right in front of the Portuguese technician.8 . Befetimbi Gomis

The panther has marked the history of the French championship thanks to its many goals and actions of great class. But the former French international also wore the tunic of AS Saint-Etienne and Olympique Lyonnais, two of the clubs that hate each other the most in France.

In addition to that, Gomis played a year in Marseille, another enemy of Les Gones. If the Stéphanois still have a grudge against the striker, Lyon fans have ignored this small passage on Marseille soil.7. Robert Lewandowski

Some people don’t remember it, but at the start of his trip to Germany, the Pole played under the colors of Borussia Dortmund. If it was with Bayern Munich where Lewandowski became one of the best players in the world, he was a Borussen to begin with. Since then, things have changed and the striker from 17 years constantly martyrs his former club since he is the top scorer in the history of the Klassiker.

6. Matthew Valbuena

We know that OM is a special club, with demanding and passionate supporters. Being an Olympique de Marseille player is not easy, but when you go to an enemy, a love story can quickly turn into a nightmare. Long adored at the Vélodrome, petit vélo had made its return to Marseille in the colors of Lyon. Obviously, it was very badly seen by the Olympian fans who had hung a doll bearing the image of Valbuena in the stadium. Resentful the Marseillais.5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

We often forget it, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic has worn the colors of several clubs. Including AC Milan, Juventus and Inter Milan, three rival clubs. If his aura and his extraordinary career allow him to ignore insults, the Swedish giant remains a treat for many Italian supporters.

4. Gabi Heinze

He made the terrible mistake of joining Olympique de Marseille, after being the darling of the Parc des Princes. While proclaiming his love for Paris Saint-Germain, the Argentinian joined the sworn enemy, OM. And icing on the cake, the defender scored a goal during the classico with the Phocaeans. He is surely no longer welcome in Paris.3. Ronaldo The Brazilian is one of the most appreciated and respected players in the history of football. However, the double world champion has played for several enemy clubs. In addition to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​El Fenomeno also wore the colors of the two Milan clubs. Yet he remains adored wherever he went. Legend.

2 . Luis Figo

Unlike Ronaldo, he is hated at FC Barcelona. The reason ? The Portuguese left the Catalan club to join arch-rivals Real Madrid. For the anecdote, during his return to Camp Nou, the attacking midfielder was greeted with a pig’s head thrown on the pitch. Original.

1. Pirlo

Everyone knows the immense career of Andrea Pirlo. Magnificent player, intelligent, at the service of the collective. Whether at AC Milan where he won the Champions League or at Juventus in Turin where he stepped into the Italian championship.

But the regista also played for Inter at the start of his career. And some fans of Nerazzurri644186 still resent him.