Richard Berry finds a little “oxygen” with his daughter

This year 2021 has been particularly chaotic for Richard Berry. The famous French actor found himself in turmoil. His daughter, Coline Berry, accused him of incest and rape on last January. If he has always denied these accusations and proclaimed loud and clear his innocence, his family has split into two clans.

Fortunately, Richard Berry can count on the unwavering support of his wife, Pascale Louange, whom he married in 2016, but not only. His two daughters, Joséphine and Mila, give him a lot of love and support. Moreover, the youngest, born of his love with his wife and aged 7, is his bowl of “oxygen”.

Very discreet on social networks since the The affair broke out in broad daylight, Richard Berry still wanted to share his happiness on Instagram, this Sunday, August 8. The actor posted a black and white photo, which shows his baby girl Mila having fun in the sand. No big speech to accompany this adorable cliché, but simply two very revealing words: “My oxygen”. With his younger sister, the 71 year-old screenwriter finds a little serenity.

This photo made the happiness of his community, but also of those close to him. His wife, Pascale Louange, immediately commented. “ Mila our breathing ,” she wrote soberly to express her love for her daughter. Richard Berry’s sister, Marie, also brought a few sweet words: ” Mila, our beloved niece “. The French director finds a little oxygen with his family.

Despite all this turmoil, the actor can also count on the love of his community . Its subscribers were charmed by this tender photo and let it be known on the social network. ” I understand that she is your oxygen, your inspiration, your treasure, so enjoy because it is only happiness and you all three deserve it ” , replied a fan. Comments that must warm her heart.

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