Resetting an iPhone from a locked screen is (finally!) Possible

For a few days now, iPhone owners have been able to download the very latest version of iOS, namely the grind 13. 2. If the latter seems to cause some concerns for some users with WhatsApp , it obviously incorporates the latest security patches, as well as various new features to take full advantage of his Apple terminal. The update brings in particular a new way to reset your iPhone.

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How to reset your iPhone from a locked screen

Obviously, resetting an iPhone is a particularly simple operation when it is unlocked. All you have to do is go to the Settings section, then reset the smartphone to erase the data and parameters, in order to put it back to “ factory configuration “. But the operation becomes more complicated as soon as the smartphone is locked … Indeed, you have to put your iPhone in DFU mode and connect it to a Mac or a PC to reset everything via iTunes.

But all this was before iOS 15. 2, since Apple’s latest update finally allows reset an iPhone from the lock screen, without a computer nearby. So, as long as the locked iPhone (or iPad) has an active network connection, you can now wipe the device from the lock screen.

To do this, you have to enter your (wrong) password until the iPhone asks to retry the operation later, it then goes into Security Lockout . Therefore, at the bottom right of the screen, we have access to a new button “ Erase iPhone “. All you have to do is press the latter (twice), then enter your Apple ID password in order to disconnect from the terminal. From then on, we can validate the command “ Delete ” to immediately delete the personal data and the settings saved in the terminal.

“ When your device restarts, follow the on-screen instructions to configure your device again, restore your data and settings from a backup and set a new passcode ”explains Apple. Note that in the absence of a Wi-Fi or network connection, this operation is not available, and it is then necessary to return to the traditional method involving DFU mode and a computer.

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