Replace the seller on e-commerce sites thanks to a new AI technology

As customers demand more and more and offers multiply, e-commerce sites must be able to capture their attention in a fraction of a second. Based on this observation, Netwave designed a differentiative artificial intelligence capable of instantaneous analysis of consumers. Explanation with the CEO of Netwave, Jean-Luc Bernard.

What is the particularity of the artificial intelligence offered by Netwave?

Jean-Luc Bernard: There is classical artificial intelligence and there is Netwave . Unlike classic AI which is based on deductive logic based on preconceived models, our AI is inductive. That is to say, it constantly adapts to different customers by identifying visitor situations and their developments in real time instead of “arranging” them in predefined segments. Unlike machine learning, inductive AI only analyzes recent data by looking for the most similar visits in order to offer the most suitable product.

Old data is often out of date. During the first confinement, we were able to observe the arrival of new consumers on e-commerce sites, such as seniors. Classic AI could not quickly adapt to these new customers, because it did not have suitable models responding to these new profiles. Conversely, inductive AI has been able to identify these new situations as soon as they arise and provide a real response adapted to these consumers.

In a context of constant technological evolution, how does Netwave allow websites to better advise their customers ?

Jean-Luc Bernard: In an increasingly digital environment, the human intermediation, that of the seller for example, is disappearing but, paradoxically, customers need more and more advice, because there are more and more similar products and it is easy to get lost. It is therefore absolutely necessary that artificial intelligence adapts, evolves and is able to think like a human. Like a real salesperson, Netwave AI does not obey a predefined model on a purely statistical basis, but the profile and behavior of the visitor at the moment T. Based on research by Jean Pierre Malle (Co-founder Netwave) in terms of cognitive psychology, it reproduces the essential mechanisms of knowledge acquisition and decision-making in the human brain.

What impact do you see with an inductive AI like the one proposed by Netwave?

Jean-Luc Bernard: Thanks to Netwave each visitor sees himself like this fully individualized advice; our customers see a significant increase in their turnover per visit. And for good reason, inductive AI has enabled us to see up to 110% increase in turnover / visit. It is important to underline that the field of action of this IA does not stop at the recommendation – product; it also makes it possible to increase our customers’ turnover via other levers. By better analyzing visitors, inductive AI offers more suitable content or advertising, thus increasing the click-through rate on them. It thus allows sites to increase the loyalty of their customers and optimize the monetization of their audience.

How should AI continue to evolve to better respond to customer demands?

Jean-Luc Bernard: Netwave is the only player in this market to have a patented AI technology (France, Europe, China, USA, Russia, Japan, Canada, Brazil… etc). We are not resting on our laurels and are always looking to increase the relevance of our technology and to broaden its fields of application. The digitization of commercial activities is a strong growth trend for us and allows us to deploy our vocation “to allow marketers to free themselves from the management of volume and complexity so that they can devote their time to creating more value, of strategies and innovations ”in increasingly broad fields. Our 70% growth in 2021 testify to this.