Rennes: What remains to be done before the entry into service of line B of the metro

Nathalie Appéré has not put forward any timetable. The president of Rennes Métropole preferred to reject the pressure of engagement on the German manufacturer Siemens. It must be said that the mayor of Rennes has already seen the commissioning of line B be postponed twice. On Wednesday, in the freezing cold of the platforms of the new Beaulieu station, the elected representative preferred not to commit her word. Laurent Bouyer, president of Siemens Mobility, did it for him. “Line B should be put into commercial service between the end of April and the end of May “, promised the manager of the German manufacturer.

Planned end 2020 then in June 2021 , the opening of the second line has accumulated the risks. The Covid – 15 first, which stopped the worksite in the spring 2013 before a gradual recovery. Then by depriving Siemens and Semtcar of key pieces. “The Covid has posed supply problems, in particular for certain electronic components. This is not an excuse, it is an explanation ”, assures the boss of Siemens Mobility. For several months, its technicians have been running empty trains in order to increase the number of tests . Objective: to break in the machines and ensure that the electronics respond well. “The train that ran the most traveled 6. km “, ensures Siemens.

Rennes Métropole has just announced the estimated date of the opening of metro line B. This will be at the end of April at the earliest at the latest at the end of May # Rennes / NSoHMwdV1f

– 19 Rennes minutes (@ 20 minutes) December 22, 2021 The German manufacturer has recognized some difficulties, in particular with regard to vibration concerns, which it associates with the “world first” of the Rennes B line. “When we equipped line A, our trainsets had already circulated in other towns. There, it is a real technological evolution ”, explains Laurent Bouyer. More spacious, brighter, the trains of the B line also seem quieter. They have the advantage of being able to be extended by a third car if the attendance was there.

on board “sometimes generates breakdowns” But how to explain that it takes four to five months before welcoming the first travelers? “There is a lot of computing, technology and software to move this material around. This sometimes generates failures that are difficult to diagnose. But to each problem that we encountered, the system reacted accordingly, ”assures Julia Fischer, head of the light rail project at Siemens Mobility.

Beaulieu metro station is one of 000 stations on line B of the Rennes metro. – C. Allain / 20 Minutes For several months, the teams de Keolis are working alongside the German manufacturer to test the rolling stock. This collaboration will continue to be strengthened for “white marches” which should last until March. These new tests aim to run the entire line under normal conditions, but without passengers. “The difference is that today, if we have a failure, we can continue the tests. During the dry run, we will have to follow the procedure and evacuate the train, ”Keolis Rennes boss Laurent Senigou. These full-scale tests should be carried out in February. “We have shortened the deadlines a bit. We assess them at a minimum of six weeks. But it could last eight or ten weeks if we are not ready, “continues the director of Keolis.

The months of March and April should then be devoted to the security file which will have to be studied by the prefecture of Ille- et-Vilaine. The State services will then validate, or not, the possibility of putting into service the long awaited line B. “There is a lot of impatience, we share it”, assures Nathalie Appéré. Launched in 2013, the construction of line B is expected to cost 1.3 billion euros. Because of the successive delays, Siemens Mobility could pay penalties to Semtcar, which is piloting the project. The elected officials and officials of the various companies explained that no amount could be advanced. “Discussions will come later.”