Rennes: The driver of the identified scooter, his friend still between life and death

He has been identified, but not yet auditioned. Three days after the accident between a scooter and a car on the ring road of Rennes , the driver of the two-wheeler was identified by the police. The 18 year old man fled after a collision with a car near the Saint-Nazaire gate on Sunday around 8 am. The scooter passenger was seriously injured in the accident. Supported by the emergency services in absolute urgency, the young man aged 18 years is still hospitalized and his vital prognosis still engaged. “The driver of the scooter is currently not auditionable for medical reasons. He will be when his situation allows it, probably during January “, specifies the public prosecutor Philippe Astruc.

According to the investigators, the motorist was driving on the bypass when he saw his airbags go off. When arrested, this 29 year old driver discovered a scooter embedded in his hood. On the ground, the passenger of the two-wheeler is lifeless. The motorist called the fire department. The scooter driver had fled, leaving his friend lifeless on the road.