Renaud: This strange cake posted on social networks for his granddaughter’s 10th birthday!

Lolita Séchan’s Instagram account has been particularly active in recent days! Renaud’s daughter was in the hospital mainly because of scratches and bites. “No no, it was not my cat who attacked me spontaneously, he is a little afraid of the dog. ‘a friend and wanted to attack them so, like an asshole, I grabbed him by the skin of the neck and he turned against me “, she had revealed indicating that she was ‘was returned to the emergency room. “If this happens to you, go to the emergency room or consult, because cat bites in the tendons or joints can be very infectious.”

Shortly after, she paid tribute to an old friend of her father, who has since died 2006, Franck Langolff. “Still in the old photos there is this whole series with Papou and Franck Langolff. Friend and lyricist of my father whom I loved so much. The one who composed some of my favorite songs like Morgane de toi ( obviously!), Tired, Dead children … “, she declared in a story on Instagram about this great French composer who has collaborated with big names in French song, including Vanessa Paradis. “I called him Santa Claus because for me if there had been a Santa Claus he would have had his face. In short it was the family. Here it was the moment of nostalgia”.

And this Tuesday, August 3, it was his daughter Héloïse who was in the spotlight. The latter, born of his relationship with singer Renan Luce (the couple had a love affair between 2009 and 2016) dedicated a particularly moving and funny message to the address of his only child.

“10 years of watching this smart, poetic, courageous, creative and cheerful little creature grow up like a sun. 10 years of watching her become this young woman so different from those which precede it. It is perhaps the best in parenthood, to see the kids become themselves and find them a thousand times freer than us, old neurotic animals. I love you my Heloise. With your large Billie Eilish t-shirt, your quad rollerblades, your witch antennas (I admit, it’s in the family) and your collection of Harry Potter wands and other big-eyed contraptions. Happy birthday my darling-darling “, wrote the one who will celebrate her 41 th birthday this Monday August 9.