Real estate: can a home be put up for sale before the completion of the DPE?

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In the “Great real estate meeting” (Capital / Radio immo), Yann Kahil from Batignolles Immobilier, answers a listener interested in buying a house for which the energy performance diagnosis has not yet been carried out.

Each month, the “Big real estate meeting “(Capital / Radio Immo) answers your questions ions through its “It concerns you” sequence. Our experts – lawyers, notaries, real estate agents – solve the most complex legal problems for you and provide you with their sound advice whether you are considering selling, buying, renting or renovating your home. In this sequence, Yann Kahil from Batignolles Immobilier in the 16 e in Paris, answers a question from Catherine, from the Facebook group the club of owners, a group managed by Capital. Catherine is about to buy a house from an individual. The diagnostics have obviously not yet been made by the seller. Our auditor wonders if she can make an offer to purchase to reserve the house, while setting a suspensive reserve based on the results of the diagnoses and in particular the DPE. In response, our agent Yann Kahill specifies that our auditor should in no case sign the sales package until the mandatory diagnostics – including the energy performance diagnostic – have not been carried out. It is a penalty, the seller must indeed provide the famous DPE to his future buyers even before initiating his sale operation. E if by chance, the accommodation turns out to be poorly classified energetically, this could indeed be the subject of negotiation between the buyer and the seller.

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