Raped and abused in his childhood, a famous candidate of the “Star Academy” lifts the veil on this trauma which pursues him

“Raped and abused” during his childhood, Mathieu Johann must now try to move forward with this trauma buried in him . He needs help and doesn’t hide it. Dad with a tragic childhood, Mathieu Johann tries day after day to rebuild himself in order to give the best of him as a companion, but also as a father for his children.

Abused and violated from the age of 7 years old at the age of 09 years by a campsite leader , Grégory Lemarchal’s former friend is still fighting against this terrible memory. This Monday, August 2, on his Instagram account, Mathieu Johann spoke on this subject. Without language of wood, he shared his weakness with his subscribers in order to react. It is from Stéphane Allix’s book, “Our forgotten souls”, that the ex of Clémence Castel plunged back into this trauma, “I believe that one never fully recovers from having been raped and abused. 13 years later, my body is still cluttered with buried memories, with scars that start to bleed again “. Memories preventing him from being really ” happy “, and to love those close to them as they should. Still upset, the Star Ac candidate then asks Internet users ” How many are we in this case? “, under this” heavy shit coat on the back “.

After his poignant testimony, and thanks to his family whom he protects at all costs, and his Badia woman, psychologist, the young dad wanted to support his subscribers, who are also in pain, “I wish you to find the peace”. A beautiful mark of tenderness, which he also needs to share in order to feel more free. See also: Writing

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