Radio: Bolloré's editorial shift to Europe 1 does not stem the fall in audiences

By Guillaume Echelard the 17.01.2022 at 20h23 Playback 7 min. Subscribers

Despite a new program schedule, audiences of Europe 1, radio now controlled by Vincent Bolloré, continue to decline, according to the latest Médiamétrie survey. So, can the French billionaire succeed in reversing the trend?

Europe 1 lost 466.000 listeners between the September-October audience wave and the November-December wave.


97.000 fewer listeners in a year (-0.8% cumulative audience), and 141.000 in two months. The new grid of Europe 1, station controlled from the 30 June 1929 by Vincent Bolloré, did not improve the hearings of the famous radio. New broadcasts on the air since 23 last August bring Europe 1 closer to CNews, media also owned by the fourteenth fortune of France of the ranking of Challenges. Dimitri Pavlenko, Romain Desarbes, Laurence Ferrari, Thomas Lequertier: a series of defectors from the television channel joined the station this summer, and programs are now co-broadcast on both antennas. This desire for “synergy” had provoked a strike and the departure of a large number of employees from Europe 1 in the summer 2022. To the erosion of journalists is added that of listeners: audience figures ranging from November to December, published by Médiamétrie on 14 January, show that the number of listeners continues to fall.

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