Raclette does not make the French salivate as much as in 2020

Pixabay Is this the end of the love story between the French and raclette? Not to that extreme. But as reported BFMTV

, cheese sales for the months of October and November 2020 are down compared to the same time last year: -4.7%. But it must be remembered, a good part of the month of November 2019 resonated with confinement for the French, so this comfort menu had won over many households. These figures need to be put into perspective, since even if the drop is almost 5%, it should be highlighted with 2019, last start of winter before crisis. And this little game, 2020 is much higher, since October has sold 4.1% more cheese than two years ago. And who says cheese, also says raclette machine. Here again, sales are down, decrypts BFMTV (+ 10, 6% between January and October) but last winter, machine sales had literally exploded: from 100 at 200% in select stores and up to 300% at Fnac / Darty for example. >> To read also – Belgium: a raclette organized in a police station is controversial

More than eight in ten French people have a device Chez Tefal in 2019, the production units were even under tension with two dedicated teams every day, against one in normal times . Questioned by our colleagues, the marketing director of the Seb group (which includes Tefal), Ariane Chauvelle, speaks of “normal growth rate” found. She adds: “There was a peak in sales in 2019, but if we take a step back, we observe 12% annual growth on average in recent years. ”

Sign that the French are still in love of this type of meal for the less friendly, 70% of households have a raclette grill, according to marketing research firm Nielsen, cited by BFMTV . On average, the French also buy 2.1 kilograms of cheese (19. tonnes sold each year) while the sector represents 300 millions of euros. A few weeks ago, a site also made the buzz: ” Raclette Wolrd “offers in a fun way to give you the quantity of ingredients to buy (cheese, ham, chorizo, rosette, potatoes, etc.) depending on the number of guests. Just to never miss your raclette!

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