Q: Who is the taliban and what do they want

1.Who is the taliban and what do they want

Furthermore, the Taliban believe the Iranian model is too revolutionary, and they instead want a traditional model which runs like an oligarchy with high councils and deliberative leadership. Furthermore, Watkins added, Saudi Arabia’s monarchy is not a source of inspiration for the Taliban, but the Taliban do admire Saudi Arabia’s rules on …


2.Who is the taliban and what do they want

In 2012, Taliban said that they want to have cordial relations with India, and praised India for resisting the U.S. calls for more military involvement in Afghanistan. Iran. Iran has historically been an enemy of the Taliban.


4.Who is the taliban and what do they want

The Taliban is not a tightly managed organization. They cover a range of local groups that operate fairly independently. “ They know their own region and are in the capillaries of society, ” says Goos Hofstee, researcher at the Institute Clingendael. “ They have quite a lot of independence locally and don t always agree.”


5.Who is the taliban and what do they want

“They want to give the impression that they are fighting against occupation,” Ambassador Omar Samad said. As part of this effort to modernize their message, spokespeople for the Taliban have even gone so far as to discuss issues such as constitutional rights and women’s health care.


8.Who is the taliban And what do they want

As US troops withdraw, Afghanistan is dangerously close to a Taliban-takeover, once again. But who are the Taliban? And what do they want? Watch the 1st part…